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TR Electronic

.TR-Electronic rotary encoders with optical or magnetic scanning precisely acquire position in steel production, wind power plants, cranes and ships as well as in explosion-proof versions in painting lines. Miniature versions ensure the correct position in medical technology and SIL3 approved absolute rotary encoders ensure the necessary safety

Linear absolute position measuring systems (magnetostriction) measure linear movements without contact and wear-free, even in aggressive media.

Power supply and fieldbus connection – this is all that's required to implement actuating and positioning tasks in your system with encoTRive compact drives. The concept of gear motor with integrated positioning controller offers numerous advantages 

TR Electronic supplies absolute and incremental encoders for use in zone 1/21, the highest safety level that encoders from TR can meet. In these environments, explosive mixtures of air and gas or air and dust can occasionally occur - protecting the environment therefore requires special design measures. The devices in this series feature certified enclosure technology. European (ATEX), Chinese (CCC) and international (IECex) explosion protection standards are met.

TR presents the currently smallest absolute multiturn encoder for applications according SIL3! The standard industrial sized 58mm-housing contains two completely independent multiturn detections including a safety detection and connection to PROFINET/PROFIsafe. Functional safety in mounting space of a standard encoder - thats possible with CD_582+FS developed and produced by TR-Electronic! Read more here.

Measurement over long distances without contact and fast enough for closed-loop control

Laser distance measuring systems from TR-Electronic are powerful optical sensors, which enable measurement of long distances without contact and fast enough for closed-loop control. The measuring system comprises a laser light source, light collector, electronic evaluation and data interface as well as a reflector.